Love flows and floods

Love is what you feel when you are completely relaxed, unforced and effortless feelings of goodness tickle your heart.

They reach your brain, flow throughout your veins and in the end, they circurate your whole body.

When you feel blown away by emotions that you cannot help but laugh, with tears.

The circuration pushes your pours open. You are over flown by sweat, mucus, saliva and in extreme overwhem carbondioxide escapes out!

Unexpected fluids can gash out of your body too.

Honestly speaking, have you ever been colonised by love?

When that feeling comes, you have to be ready. You have to know the signs because you have to give way to them. 

If you didn’t know, the heart has a door which you must open and allow for the in and out-flow of love.

If the door is too hard and you can’t open it or your fail to open it in time, love will flow past you.

Love is like a river.

It’s determined, gentle and continous but if something happens to interupt along its way, say like delayed opening of the door or none opening, it will overflow, break brides and cause havock.

That is how floods, erosion, water falls and some landforms are created.

Mark you, a river can also totally divert its course and flow to another direction.

It can also divide its stream to flow in more than one directions, it can be seasonal and it can completely dry up.

With climate change, human action is at the centre of the rivers’ behaviour.

But I am curious about who you would blame, the human for his actions or the river for its behaviour?

The heart has a door and love is like a river. If you open your heart, it flows and floods.

By Kazooba Susan

6 thoughts on “Love flows and floods

  1. Susan, this is a beautiful peace.
    You have always loved others deeply. Thanks you for spreading the same message to the world.
    God bless you!


    1. Yes and thank you dearest Mellan. I wish everyone to find and experience love. Sometimes one need to recognise love when it comes their way otherwise, they may miss the opportunity. It is in deed a great feeling to love and to be loved.


    1. Yes in deed. Love is so powerful and sometimes I feel like I don’t find the right words to express. The right actions to show it or enough time to just be there.

      Thank you so much Anthony for appreciating this piece.


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