Heros versa enemies of the people.

Today, the 28 August 2018, I lay down with monsters in the head and I woke up with skeletons in my bed. As if that was not enough, my mind still took a trip. A long trip to a faraway vacuum space I wouldn’t call a place because my morals prohibit me. A small landlocked country on the Eastern side of the world’s largest continent. A land where dreams go to die unless one is a dictator. Tragic socio-economic inhumane living conditions, gross environment degradation, despeakable human rights violations not to talk of the political insanity.

Looking straight in my eyes, she proceeded to narriate to me how together with her boyfriend they had talked about Africa over the weekend and they had wondered what really went wrong with the continent! A whole big continent with so much resources ending up like that, she lamented!

Awakened by the thoughts of yesterday following the last minutes at work before I headed for the train. My colleague sat behind me and read my satirical article, The tears of a crying continent, as I continued to type journal documents from my meetings with clients. She suddenly, said, well done. What a wonderful piece to sum up Africa (original statement in Swedish).

Seated crossleged on one of the two blue visitor’s chairs in my then office, she spoke at once, her voice scared me because I had not paid attention to her presence as I was burried in my day’s wind-up

Her voice was soft and sympathetic but her words were sharp. Awakening to the thoughts of one who is often thinking and wondering herself, what and who it will take? Assuming that Nelson Mandela’s good seed fell on a hard rock and failed to germinate. These thoughts often cause me migraine and spark a series of confusing episodes.

The same occurred when my college made her statements. And not because I had never heard such before but because I had heard it so often that there was no longer a place to hide. Finally even my work mate had said it. More than often three of my workmates who had been to different parts of Africa including her, had explained their odeals as tourists, interners and volunteer in different countries of the continent but unfortunayely non had made me proud.

Still seated there and with her gazing at me with dare expectaion of feesback, tears suddenly rolled down my eyes as I quickly wiped them away every time they appeared. That evening, I caught the train from Herrljunga headed to Gothenburg then the bus home all shocked in a pool of my different body fluids. With my nerves still cracking and the demons in my mind all screaming.

When I got home, thought went to a Ugandan  man called Kiiza Besigye. I thought about his struggles and contributions to democratic processes in Uganda. I decided he was my hero!

He is a man I will remember for sacrificing his life in the quest for democratic change. With patience and relentless commitment to a cause. A people’s cause! He has awakened and inspired Ugandans to raise against false and forced rule and demand for their rights in the face of life threatening oppression.

Corruption and oppression are built within the state machinery and perpetrated by the very people who otherwise would preserve and promote democratic practices. A top leadership that cheats its political opponets off their victory. Indeed, it is what he has withstood. The tragic trials our country’s democracy has gone through these last thirty years that bring me to the conclusion you are about to read.

No doubt the man called Besigye has seen it all but persisted against brutality wielded by the nation’s armed forces at the call of a dictator.

Kiiza Besigye alongside many other determined Ugandans has be brave and very brave. He will not regret anything in his life because he made a justified struggle. I saw it in both his eyes and spirit that he wanted to liberate Uganda from an outdated ‘liberator’. A self serving man who has many time left me wondering where he came from and why he hates Donald Trump’s best shit hole country that much!

I consider him the God Father of the civil, political and social activism which Uganda bears witness to today.

With true patriots standing to the enemies of the people and saying enough is enough even if you torture us. Fighting a purely people’s cause and not lead by greed for material things or power, bearing in their minds the understanding that the good of the whole is greater than the good of the parts, I think that we will one day get there!

The small landlocked country on the Eastern side of the continent will one day receive that long awaited and well earned redemption fully paid for in advance through the dark years of political turmoil and enemies of the people seeking to glorify themselves and reward their own with national resources.

I know that Kiiza Besigye is a key actor who has not been given the kind of  credit which I think he deserves. I therefore have decided to acknowledge him while he still lives so that he knows that his struggles have inspired me. I am talking about the episodes of Besige and the Forum for Democratic Change and its role in giving rise to Bobi Wine’s People Power. History is being written and I hope that when victory comes, we remeber this man as one who inspired the greatest courage that the Ugandan opposition based on to put up any kind of resistance against the enemies of the people. I also believe strongly that these people will be defeated some day.

I have an assumption that all African dictators are above fifty years and no more dictators are being born on the continent so when the enemies of the people are finally all dead but never forgotten because of their excessive use of force, none of the successive generations will rise to be a dictator. That is the reason why we support the causes because we think that the cause is in our interests as often politicised. Remember that people fed and hide the enemies of the people throughout the history of liberation struggles. With the assumption that those enemies would actually remain friendly just as they are during the struggles. Unfortunately people forget too soon when greed takes over.

Not even the plants get to enjoy any peace.

A mother’s dream for her child.

Long before conception, you dream and pray to God that one day he may bless you with a child.

You pray for a blessing not a curse!

You dream about how beautiful or handsome she or he will be.

In your mind you play games together. All sorts of games from which only the sunset can relieve you.

You envision that even in old age you will be playing and laughing as though the clock hasn’t ticked for a second.

You look for the most suitable partner who will not only accompany you on the life’s long journey but one who will also be the world’s  best father to your priceless jewellery.

You do the search personally and keenly.

It proves to be the toughest part but you triumph. The firmness of maternal purpose is in you.

You carefully lay every footprint with the hope and prayer that your child to come will simply follow you step by step.  

The thoughts of your happy lives together fill each day with brightness and colours.

You simply imagine nurturing and guiding duties as natural and God given.

You prepare yourself both physically and mentally to protect that precious person from whatever will come their way. Mouse or elephant, black, white or coloured, you will be there.  

You pray and hope nothing ever goes wrong except your old age.

Your heart cooks the hottest pot of love to shower the most precious person in your life to be.

With a heart packed with joy, your wildest dream is to be the world’s best mother.

Your quest is much but the reward is priceless: the righteousness of your precious child.

A mother’s dream for her child.

By Kazooba Susan  


October rains.

Att står kvar

Ibland finns det inget eller ingen kvar.

En håller på att tappa det sista hoppet.

Det enda hoppet kvar.

Då kommer tanker och frågeställningar.

Skrämande tanker bland de ensamhet.

Kan du var den sista som står kvar?

Kan man räkna med dig?

Kan du rädda detta barnets sista dag?

Den kvinnas sista hopp?

Kan du vara den mannens minsta chans?

Kan du star kvar oavsett?

Where Does She Go?

There are so many times that I have thought and re-thought and questioned what I write and blog. If I can even define or defend them if I were asked to. I found no answer. So many times I have been discouraged by my inner voice even though my surrounding has appreciated and said go on. So often has my inner voice taken away the courage.

I have wondered as to how I can move on when my closest ally pulls me back. I have fought to free myself from my closet ally , the inner voice, myself. Here I am disobeying myself but happy that I am doing the things that I love and staying true to myself. I am satisfied by disobedience if obedience leads me to dom.

The Intuitive Voice

By Dina Varellas, TIWP Women’s Writing Program

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.”
― Brené Brown

Where does she go, the creator in me, when she is afraid?

“What am I afraid of?” I whisper.

“Being judged, of course. Being criticized for being vulnerable,” the young girl replies.

Yet the woman I am becoming knows she can no longer resist and suppress the inner voice. When the mind is quiet and the heart secure, the inner voice speaks the truth.

The inner critic is the one I fear the most. She is fierce, ruthless, and a force to be reckoned with. She has created an internal war for most of my young and adult life…

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How to master your destiny.

When things start to fall apart, do not fight. Maybe you have become complacent with the way things are that you have forgotten the single most powerful rule of life, no success comes from comfort but discomfort.
The power of your destiny is finally calling, but mark you, a journey awaits and that is why it is called destiny. That is to say a designated place arrived at after a journey.

Disassembling the current temporary order so that a new and permanent one is created is inevitable. So, I repeat, don’t fight. On the contrary, take your time and invest in yourself.

Master the status quo by critically looking at the way things are. Interrogate yourself on what resources can be found within you, family, friends and your immediate community. Note that, necessary resources can either be complete or in parts. Hence, it is your duty to assemble them during the art of mastering your destiny.

With the necessary resources, the key to unlocking your destiny is in the palm of your hands. Hold it firmly and turn it by thoroughly examining the ways and strategies which can change your given resources into ideas, practical opportunities and a successful business.

Along the way, remember to document. Write down every idea that comes into your mind.

Doing this will sometimes require that you wake up in the middle of the night or stop whatever you are doing and jot down pop up ideas so that they are used as building blocks where they are needed.

roadsides just so you don’t forget any thing important. Remember, what is documented in pen and paper can’t easily be forgot. This may seem inconvinet but it will be worth your trouble in the end and you will surely see.

So, allow the positive will of destiny to take place. You will not regret you did as long as you stay positive. You are stronger than you think.

You could be facing challenges, socio-economic, cultural or political. Whatever the situation, don’t give up on yourself and do not settle for less. God does not give you burdens he hasn’t approved you to carry. And destiny is not some kind of luck someone smiles at you or slaps you with.

I believe that true success in life comes from mastering our situations, interrogating ourselves to find all the resources within our reaches and finally investing ourselves through relentless commitment to make things better.

Hence by unleash your full creativity you cultivate the ground to harness your fullest potential. Try it and you will be amazed by the kind of creative genus you are.

So when things fall apart, you should fall in place. By so doing, things will fall back only this time, in better places turning you into a master of your own destiny.

_______Susan Kazooba______